Short Business Description
BAGvertise provides free reusable bags to farmers markets and small businesses in Orange County through paid advertisements strategically placed on each bag.
Long Business Description

Our bags consist of up to 85 different advertisements located all over our high quality 100% recyclable reusable bags. Depending on your graphic and budget, we’ll place your advertisement in a location that best fits your business. Once all of the advertisements from around your local area are combined to form a beautifully designed bag, we’ll distribute them to local businesses to provide to their customers instead of environmentally harmful plastic bags. A typical BAGvertise campaign will last 3 months, with whatever quantity you purchase being distributed equally throughout that time (example: if you purchase a small space for 10,000 bags, your BAGvertisement will be distributed on 3,333 per month).

We try to keep things simple so if you’re confused or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at