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Total Tutors
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Total Tutors
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Total Tutors offers a new way of educating – through individualized education programs taught by seasoned education professionals, we provide the top private education service to Orange County and Los Angeles areas.
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Total Tutors has been providing the top education service to Orange County since 2016.

We differ from other tutoring services by relying on seasoned special education teachers to assess and evaluate each student through psychology-based approach, and then develop an individualized education program. In the final step, we use this information to pair each student with the tutor that is the best fit to guarantee success.

Total Tutors specializes in bringing personalized education programs and teaching methods to each child, through certified seasoned teaching professionals. We are the only tutoring company that specializes in elementary school tutoring in Orange County, though our trained teaching professionals are skilled in teaching all subjects and age groups from K-12 and college, at all readiness levels. With a proven record of drastic increases in homework completion rate as well as reading & writing composition and math/ problem solving competencies, we are always invested in our student’s success.

We offer a wide array of services from after school homework club groups nearby local schools, one on one private tutoring, special needs education, and group distance learning support for school pods. We also provide short term goal-specific services such as specialized test prep (ISEE, ACT, SAT) and admissions consulting for local private primary schools.

50 Palatine
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Irvine, California, 92612
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(949) 287-3305

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