How to Clear a Clogged Garbage Disposal

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Clogged Garbage DisposalHave you ever had a clogged garbage disposal? Well I have, several times. Once with potato peels, once with egg shells and coffee grounds, and my wife and family clogged it up on Thanksgiving Day with veggie peels and who knows what. Well, I’ve tried the baking soda and vinegar trick, but that probably only works with a mild clog. So before you call the plumber, try this simple trick:

1. Remove any additional debris from the sink and the garbage disposal.
2. Remove the screw on cap that covers the air gap, and hold a rag over it.
3. Get a big fat toilet plunger, and start plunging.

After just a few good hard plunges, your garbage disposal should be unclogged. You may need to use a good quality plunger, which has the additional section on the bottom. You may even want to spend $10 to buy a brand new one, since the other one may have been used in the toilet. Be sure to hold the air gap overflow tightly with the rag in order to keep the water from ejecting. This will force the clog through the garbage disposal hole, and clear your clog. Good luck!


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