Where to Find Food Trucks in Orange County

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Looking for Gourmet Food Trucks in Orange County?? Us too. And although you can find a few food trucks at local bowling alleys or business parks, you can always find Food Trucks at the Orange County Fairgrounds. That’s right, the OC Fairgrounds. Every Thursday food trucks are featured at the OC Fairgrounds. And they rotate too, so each week there is a different selection. From the Kogi Truck, the Lobsta Truck, the Barcelona truck, the Grilled Cheese Truck, and the Wiener truck. And for you vegetarians, there’s the SeaBirds Kitchen. They even have dessert trucks for that after lunch sweet tooth. Plus, the OC Fairgrounds has the Farmer’s Market right next door, so you can shop for some farm fresh food to take home for the weekend. There are usually between 5 and 10 trucks there every Thursday. So bring some cash, bring a friend, and bring your appetite, as there is a great selection of items on the lunch menu to choose from.

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