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Lisa Mailhot

Southern California native Lisa Mailhot handles home buying and selling, investment property, and multi-residential unit transactions, but she specializes in her clients, expertly guiding them through the process while mitigating potential pitfalls. Lisa has honed her property and market savvy as a professional agent and personal investor, bringing a well-rounded perspective to all facets of her clients’ real estate deals. Earning top-producer status for herself and on behalf of her team, Lisa has achieved almost $50 million in transaction volume throughout her career.

Before becoming an agent, Lisa was a real estate investor for three years. Fresh off of mentorship training and diving into hundreds of industry-related seminars and events, she began flipping homes. One property turned into a dozen, and Lisa realized she enjoyed solving complex issues for buyers and sellers more than overseeing renovations. By the time she earned her license, she was intimately familiar with the rollercoaster ride, challenges, and intricacies of real estate, and she was christened with the creative thinking skills that she’s enhanced every transaction with since. Lisa further draws from her previous sales career and bar ownership experience, where she learned about leadership, management, and negotiations and how to respond to high-level, high-pressure responsibilities with calm logic.

Lisa works diligently to fulfill her clients’ needs, designating herself as their partner and virtually limitless resource, from connecting her buyers and sellers to service and maintenance professionals to directing them to the best restaurants and hot spots around town. Most importantly, Lisa is their long-term wealth advisor, respecting their greatest assets beyond closing with life estate planning, portfolio and equity updates, and other financial guidance.

Away from real estate, Lisa enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. She also supports and volunteers for various organizations when she can, with a particular passion for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and St. Jude’s.

Company Bio:

At Whitestone Home Collection, we’re not just salespeople; we’re real people addressing real (estate) needs. If the process seems impossible to you, especially if this is your first time buying, know that you’re in good hands. We’re an experienced and confident team of professionals who are your agents, advisors, and lifelong partners for all your buying and selling needs as well as your dreams of attaining wealth through real estate.

We believe there’s nothing classier than setting clear expectations and protecting your interests every step of the way. Our service gem is our transparency, and we stand ready to answer any questions you may have in detail so that your transaction doesn’t just move along but unfolds with clarity. The stage you’re at doesn’t dictate our level of dedication either — we’re hard at work on your behalf, from our first handshake to closing.

At Whitestone Home Collection, we’re grateful to be your advocate, so we serve you humbly and earnestly. Whether you’re looking for a place that feels like home the minute you walk through the door, or you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio, we’re the complete solution to living your best life.

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Lisa Mailhot


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