The Scariest Haunted House in Orange County

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The 17th Door
Tucked away unsuspectingly in Orange County’s famous Tustin Market Place is one of the most depraved haunted experiences that you can find anywhere. Now in its second year, The 17th Door boasts over 34 minutes of psychological terror as you work your way through 21 different rooms that promise to assault all 5 of your senses. Patrons can expect to experience claustrophobia, foul odors, and electric shock in addition to the multitude of pig demons, deranged clowns and undead entities that you’ll interact with throughout the experience.
A Truly Shocking Haunted Experience
The haunt follows the story of Paula, a college sophomore who has recently survived a suicide attempt and subsequent stint in a mental ward. Paula is struggling to pursue her dwindling dream of becoming a doctor due to a painful traumatic pregnancy, and frequent psychiatric evaluations that force her to revisit disturbing memories from her childhood.
What To Expect

It’s important to note that The 17th Door is not for the faint of heart. Prior to admission to Gluttire University, all patrons will be required to sign a waiver that outlines all of the different things you might be exposed to inside the attraction; including touching/licking, liquid, dizziness reptiles, fish and arachnids. For more information, please visit their FAQ page or contact them directly at (714) 441-9080.

Tickets & Parking
Tickets start at $24 and can be purchased here.
The Tustin Market Place has plenty of free parking.
Located right off the 5 Freeway, exit Jamboree. Directly next door to Party City.
2856 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782

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