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Working at night can be one of the best ways to maximize your efficiency on specific projects and tasks. When working during the day many know very well that distractions are commonplace. When trying to finish projects during a hectic afternoon of phone calls and meetings, it can be time easier to set aside an evening to focus on completing work without interruption. A night set aside for working extra hours can be a slippery slope, be sure to limit the evening hours spent per week to avoid burnout. “Burning the midnight oil” can be a key to success, but also know that a well-planned evening schedule will avoid over-working and missing out on quality rest and a balanced lifestyle.
For those planning on putting in those extra hours:
Rest: After your long workday, take time to rest and enjoy 30-45 mins away from anything work-related.
Workout: Work off that stress from the day and get re-energized, ask any of your friends and they will agree.
A Healthy Meal: A healthy dinner with friends, family or flying solo will give you that break from the workday and not leave you weighed down at night.
Get Outside: My favorite way to gear up for a night of work is to take a long walk and think about your goals. 15-30 mins is all your need, and nothing beats fresh air.
There are many reasons you may want to work after hours, go seize the night and be sure to take care of yourself while doing so!
Written by Bob Bradley, AirTimePR

Author: Admin

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